RVM School Of Inspiration is an institution that has been set up to spread Positive Energy and to Motivate and Inspire people to live a life of meaning and purpose.

The journey of life is short; we come and we go. Who are we? Why have we come? What is the purpose of our life? Do we have answers to these questions? Not only do we not have answers to these questions but instead of seeking these answers, we drift from womb to tomb. We drag through each day, like a dead fish that floats down the river of life – That is not life! As RVM says, “LIVE, don’t just exist!” We have a choice to either cry or open our wings and fly! RVM has set up this institution to teach people that Life is meant to be enjoyed and we must live with Joy, Bliss and Fulfillment. The RVM School of Inspiration spreads this message through inspirational talks, quotes, books, DVD’s and creative products. RVM aims at reaching out to people, to remind them- the Journey of life is a gift and if we don’t use it, we will lose it! Choose to flip over from NEP (Negative Energy Poison) to PEP (Positive Energy Power), from negativity to positivity, from hate to love, from fear to courage, from hesitation to confidence, from terror to tranquility and from lifelessness to cheerfulness.We hope that, through the RVM School Of Inspiration, we can Inspire the World!

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