About RVM


RVM is on a mission to Inspire the World!

The business world knew RVM as a successful young business tycoon, who transformed the way retailing was done in India. From Kidskemp to Big Kidskemp and then to Kemp Fort, his great caliber and business acumen took him to great heights even at a young age of 30.

He was about to embark on a 200-acre mega project called Kemp City when he stopped and asked himself where he wanted to go. After realizing that the goal of life is to be happy and not just accumulating wealth, he made the bold decision to stop making money and start making a difference.

After transforming his life at the age of 40, he adopted a unique philosophy, ‘RVM – Rejoice, Value Life and Make a difference,’ through which he aims to touch, trigger and transform the lives of people.

Today he is a philosopherauthor and a sought after positive-life speaker.

He motivates people to leave sorrow and agony and live a life of positivity. He inspires people through his books, DVDs, talks and positive thoughts. RVM aims to make a difference in people’s lives by teaching them to live with happiness and joy.

He has written many inspiring books like ‘I wanna Be Happy,’ ‘Succsex ( based on achieving success through sex transmutation) and ‘Power Your Life with PEP (Positive Energy Power)’. Everyday thousands of people enjoy RVM’s inspiring thoughts on their e-mail, mobile phone and through various social networking sites such as Facebook, WordPress, YouTube and Twitter. RVM believes that life is a journey that must be enjoyed and lived moment by moment. He goes around the world giving inspiring talks which have helped many people evolve from achievement to fulfillment, living a life of blissful contentment and everlasting joy.